This course was just what I needed to get my health and wellbeing back on track. I’ve suffered from very poor, broken sleep for years exacerbated by anxiety caused by stress and have been looking for a solution for months until I found this course. Leanne is clearly very knowledgeable and each solution seemed easy to understand and out into practice. I feel in much better control of my health now, I sleep better and my mental health is improved – and I feel I have strategies now to recognise warning signs and take pre-emptive action. This course has been a gamechanger for me.

Liz Bolton, Associate Director

I’m super-interested in my health and fitness but don’t have the time to read books or watch YouTube videos. Having access to this course provided me with bite-sized videos that relate specifically to the areas I need to focus on. I also love Leanne’s holistic approach – I know from experience that sleep really effects my mental health and that what I eat is profoundly important so this really resonated with me. The course is easy to follow and difficult concepts are explained clearly. This has been a big help for me and excellent value for money.

Dan Burton, Visual FX Artist

Best value for money I’ve spent on any online course. No gimmicks, no fads, no fast-solutions. I loved the Winning Philosophies at the end, because it made me feel as though improving my health is possible but that it takes time, which is what I’ve always found. There’s loads of information in this course, but you don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. I can pause when I like and pick it up again and I find Leanne’s delivery easy to understand. I’ve made huge improvements to my body composition and my energy levels have gone up which has made my life so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks to Leanne and Bodyshot for putting this course out there. Highly recommend.

Alex Vincent, Business Development Manager

Meet Your Coach

I’m Leanne Spencer, entrepreneur and expert in health, fitness and wellbeing. I’ll be guiding you throughout the course modules, and will be available for any questions you might have. You can read about my journey into wellbeing in the About Us section, and the contents of this course are a result of years of study, reading, working with clients and blending in my own personal experiences.

I’m a bestselling author, have spoken on the TEDx stage about why fitness is more important than weight, and host a podcast called Remove the Guesswork: health, fitness and wellbeing for busy professionals. I contribute to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global website, and write regularly for some of the leading health and fitness publications.

If you have questions at any stage of this course you can contact me at or connect with us on Facebook where we have a private members group where you can ask questions, share ideas and get inspiration from our members and us.

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